Nzela Program

Nzela Program is a research program about Congolese traditional dances and cultures. It’s an exchange program that brings professional and non professional dancers, local and international artists to travel in towns and villages of the Republic of the Congo, to visit the different kinds of traditional dances. The dances would afterward inspire the artists to write, create new dance vocabulary, new dance works. The goal of  Nzela Program is to write those dances and extend a relationship between tradition and modernity.

2012 is a year of creativity for Kiandanda Dance Theater. This year the Company is officially launching the Nzela Program. This fall, choreograppher Byb Chanel Bibene will be returning home to launch the Program and to prepare the "Terrain" for our dear friends visiting form all over the world. The Program is a (re)visitation of the wealth and power in the traditional kongolese dances and cultures. We + guests will be on the adventurous roads to the selected villages in the regions of Congo, to meet the elders, to meet the people and to experiment their dances and knowledge, the stories of their dances, of the village, their joys and hardship and simply the artistic wealth of the villages.

The Program concerns local and international dancers, non dancers, professional of the arts, Artistic Directors in the fields of Dance primarily, Theater, Dance Filmmaking, Dance Writers. There would an extent to "foreign" Children when the Program is ready to embark children visiting from abroad. Nzela Program will also have an educational aspect which will concern of conferences and performances (result of the research and journeys) about dance and culture in the private and public schools.

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