Rue Dance Festival

In 2008 two friends, dancer/choreographers Byb Chanel Bibene and Florent Cruise Mahoukou launched a collaborative art project in response to the lack of knowledge of contemporary dance among the general public in the Republic of Congo and Brazzaville in particular. The groundwork for the project was laid by Florent Cruise Mahoukou with the young dancers working at the time in his Studio Maho, where Byb led a training workshop for young dancers in February 2007, and which eventually became Studio Rue Dance then Kiandanda Dance Theater in the fall 2008, subsequently embarking on an artistic adventure in the form of "dance excursions" to raise awareness and connect with the general public outside of the performance halls, in order to establish a lasting synergy between the public and the dancers.

Those present at the first happenings (danced excursion) in 2007 led by Florent Mahoukou, were the choreographer BidiĆ©fono De La Vallet (Brazzaville, Congo), the theater director David Bobee, (Rouen, France) and Eric Lamoureux, choreographer at the CNDC/BN of Caen, France.

As the specific form of contemporary dance awareness rising took shape during the training workshops for young dancers, Byb and Florent decided to establish a choreographic event in the form of a dance festival called Rue Dance. The first edition of the festival was held between the 10th of April and the 12th of May 2009, bringing them in turn to different public spaces, streets, districts and city markets to reveal this new form of dance which emerged so vibrantly from Congo, Brazzaville.

Rue Dance 2011 is taking place in Brazzaville from April 25 to May 5. This would mostly concern of workshops, administration trainings and a few shows.

Rue Dance 2012 will be taking place in the summer in Brazzaville.

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