Kiandanda Dance Theater

Kiandanda Dance Theater formerly named "Studio Rue Dance" was founded in the fall of 2008.

Since the Artistic Director, Byb Chanel Bibene's relocation in San Francisco, the vision about his dance work has taken a different direction therefore a need for a different name. Kiandanda is a tribute to the woman who gave birth to this artist Byb is. Byb wants to congratulate all the women around the world for their love for us. They dedicated nine risky months or so of their lives to carry and protect us inside them. It’s never easy the day of birth. That’s something he would never experience has a man his entire life.

In Kongo language, kia ndanda means someone or something that comes after me, this could be people, ideas, events... for Byb, Kiandanda is the accomplishment of his ideas and visions for his art and for this world. It’s about something constantly new on the basis, a new good generation of things.

kiandanda dance theaterKiandanda is an international Dance company that does work between Africa, Europe and the USA. Every year the company holds workshops, the Nzela Program and the Rue Dance Festival which is held every two years in the Republic of Congo. Workshops are open to non dancers, adults and professional dancers.

As formerly named Studio Rue Dance, Kiandanda Dance Theater is a laboratory, a studio where everyone is invited to come and contribute to create the art through conferences, performances and workshops.




  • Recipient        Theater Bay Area CA$H Grant, 2009
  • Recipient        Zellerbach Family Foundation, 2009
  • Recipient        Zellerbach Family Foundation, 2012
  • Recipient        San Francisco Art Commission, 2014
  • Recipient        Zellerbach Family Foundation, 2014


  • The Black Choreographers Mentoring Program, 2011 (With mentor Robert Moses)
  • The Oberlin Dance Common Pilot Program 58, 2011
  • Resident Artists Workshop (RAW), The Garage 2012
  • Performing Diaspora Program 2013 (CounterPulse)
  • CHIME Program 2013 (Margaret Jenkins Dance)
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