It's hot in Brazzaville by this season. We are getting ready for the openning of Rue Dance Festival 2010. Very motivated dancers and myself we are outdoor at the Sony Labou Tansy Culture Center, on the grass, in our dancing pants. I'm telling the dancers we are going to explore our bodies, in search of dance movement. I did not know this workshop would lead to a performance that I named Tears. Tears of the joy to see the dancers eager of dance, wanting to dance non stop, to question their bodies. For some of them, this is their first contemporary dance workshop, some have never danced before.
In this performance workshop project, I look for mouvements in popular dances, in the bodies that are just beginning to be conscious, in the drum sound, in the clapping hands, in the plays with exercice balls, in the improvisation, in just the joy of being and dancing together.
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