Overseas (2010)

Overseas is collaborative project between dancer/choreographer Amara Tabor Smith and Byb Chanel Bibene.

Through their first meeting, in the end of a dance class, Amara and Byb had a talk about origins, about ancestors and how do we connect with them. Amara’s great great mother comes from this part of Africa called Congo/Brazzaville where Byb is from. She immediately, after knowing that where Byb is from, wanted to make this trip to go visit her the place and try to find again her roots and reconnect, somehow with her ancestors, her soul brothers and sisters living there. Through a collaborative process, Overseas was born. Basically, the movements where coming from the discussions, discussions about the culture, religion, the Kitezo, the Bula Mananga, the land, the forests and seas. Overseasis the outcome of this journey. The sound tracts were inspired by Aka pigmy music and Indian traditional music.

The work first premiered in Brazzaville as part of Rue Dance Festival, in April 2010. The piece was back on stage again in the US in May, as part of the evening of show held by the Embodiment Project with choreographer Nicole Claymoon.

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