Nzoto Installation (2010-2011)

Nzoto Installation is an exploration of our everyday gestures transcribed into dance.

It is a dance on the subject of us inspired by the energy best described by a word that exists only in my native language, the energy of Kitezo. In the tradition from which I come, this energy is defined as the state of mind that connects us to not only ourselves, the past, present, and future but, also, the connection of our bodies with heaven and earth. Therefore, the Nzoto Installation speaks to the simple presence of self in everyday life.

Nzoto Installation was presented for the first time at the Tenderloin Nationl Forest. The second full version of the site specific work was presented at the Museum of the African Diaspora as part of DanceFirst, in December 2010, collaboration between See.Think.Dance and Kiandanda Dance Theater. Artistically, the collaboration was extended to the artist musicians Chris Evans (cello player), David Boyce (Saxophone Player), and Marshall Trammell (percussion).

The stage version of the work was presented at Oberlin Dance Collective (ODC) as part of the Pilot Program 58/Fight or Flight in March 26 and 27.

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