Nzela Program - "On the Track of Dance" (Summer 2011)

Nzela Program is a research program about Congolese traditional dances and culture. It’s an exchange program that brings professional and non professional performers, local and international artists to travel in town and villages of the Republic of the Congo, to visit the different kinds of traditional dances and places. The dances would afterward inspire the artists to create new dance vocabulary, new dance works. The other purpose of the Nzela Program is to write those dances and create a relationship between tradition and modernity.

The first trip of Nzela Program took place this summer 2011 in Brazzaville and during which a lab was open for Taboo and Heroes Project. The project, on the theme of the victims of wars in Africa, in particular, and worldwide, in general; was visiting families in their places or on the streets. They were interviewed and shared humbly their experiences as victimes. The project would concern of the making of a short movie then the choreographic staging of the work, inspired by people's experiences.

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