Tranzition (2011)

Tranzition is a lab piece that marks my meeting with new dancers in Kiandanda Dance Theater and the creation of the company's next dear project Taboo and Heroes. This summer Byb Chanel Bibene spent two months in the congo Brazzaville, teaching dance and investigating for this next project, meeting people in their homes, in the streets, observing the environment, discussing on how we’re going to continue making dance that is interested is social issues in this country, the Congo, where the freedom of speech is a luxury?

Back to the US, Byb wants now to share his story through the upcoming new work Taboo and Heroes, and Tranztion is a tableau that presents his emotions, what he felt, going back to the places where people have lost lives, listening to their stories and seeing people all smile with only one word to say: Hope.

Work concept: Twins simultaneous reactions – Mirror - Synergy - Chemistry

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