Zaccho Dance Theater - Joanna Haigood

  • Choreographer: Joanna Haigood
  • Premiers: Wednesday, 07 October 2015
  • Location: Powell St / Market St
  • Price: Free!



October 7-10, 1pm to 5pm
Work starts anew at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm

Leaving from the cable-car turnaround, Powell and Market Streets

In the early 1800s, African American-owned businesses lined San Francisco's waterfront, which at the time bordered Market Street. Suddenly, in 1858, African Americans fled the city. Joanna Haigood's newest work for Zaccho Dance Theatre, Sailing Away, investigates why and how.

This October 7, 8, 9, and 10, from 1pm to 5pm, traveling along Market Street between Powell and First, the performers of Sailing Away dance among history-rich downtown sites and monuments. Fine costuming, scenery, and characterizations give passersby a feel for 19th-century commercial life on the city's most important thoroughfare, once home to myriad African American-owned enterprises. Sailing Away was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission's Art on Market Street Temporary Projects Program.

Be the first to catch a sneak peek of Sailing Away! Come to the Rotunda on Friday, October 1 at 12pm. City Hall Rotunda Dance Series is a partnership between Dancers' Group and World Arts West. Starting with Zaccho, the Bay Area's most acclaimed dance companies transform the Rotunda during free noon-time performances, held the first Friday of each month.

No tickets needed! Visit the north side of Market Street between Powell and First Streets in San Francisco

Equal Justice Society

Zaccho Dance Theater & Marcus Shelby Orchestra

Byb Chanel Bibene will appear on a performance from the collaboration between Zaccho Dance Theater (Joanna Haigood) and Marcus Shelby OrchestraA work on the theme of equal justice society will show on December 7.

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